Parelli Horsemanship Clinics in Minot, ND

We are proud to host beginner, intermediate, and advanced Parelli Horsemanship Clinics by licensed Parelli Professional, Jenny Trainor in September 2023


The clinics are open to auditors (observe-only) and riders.


Minot – Dakota Rocky Mountain Horses Arena Starting September 16, 2023

The Level One Clinic is for new riders with broke horses or new horses with experienced riders – it is also perfect for experienced riders wanting to learn what your horse already knows. Riders and Auditors do not need to know anything about Parelli Natural Horsemanship. BUT, they must have a willingness to learn how your horse communicates and how you should communicate with your horse.

The Level Two Clinic is for horsemen who are ready to take it to the next level. Riders need to have Parelli Level One and Level Two knowledge. Riders must be able to prove to the instructor that you know the games, are comfortable with your horse and ready to move to longer lines.   Auditors do not need to know anything about Parelli Natural Horsemanship to understand the shift happening with the horses and riders in the arena.

The Level Two Plus Clinic is for horsemen who are at the next level and are looking for the next challenge. Riders need to have ridden successfully in a Level Two clinic. This clinic is about finesse, faster savvy, targeting specific pain points for the riders in the clinic and challenging a liberty mindset on the 45′ line and without!   Auditors do not need to know anything about Parelli Natural Horsemanship – this clinic will move quickly and be an exciting look into advanced horsemanship.

The instructor for all three clinics is Jenny Trainor, a world champion showman, and lifelong horsewoman. After nine years of instructing, she’s one of the best for any level of understanding. She understands where you’re coming from and where you want to go. She has helped thousands of riders and their horses communicate better making for calmer rides, easier trailer loading, and fewer accidents.


LEVEL ONE FOUNDATIONS CLINIC – September 16 & 17 – Minot

**RIDER SPOTS ARE LIMITED TO 10 RIDERS** Register early.  2 Day Intensive Clinic:  $400


✓ Learn the primary games to effectively communicate with your horse

✓ Learn how to have safe and fun rides every time

✓ Learn 3 rein positions your horse understands

✓ Learn how your horse understands which gait you want

✓ Learn how to improve the stop and go buttons

✓ Learn to solve problems in the horse’s language & MUCH MORE LIKE HORSENALITY:


REGISTER FOR THE LEVEL ONE CLINIC:  CALL or text Darcy at 701-720-0995.


Parelli_group of riders at minot clinic

LEVEL TWO PARELLI CLINIC | September 22, 23 and 24 2023


✓ Learn to put the relationship with your horse first

✓ Develop expertise in one of the four savvys using the 12′ and 22′ line

✓ Take the basic horsemanship games up a notch and put them in motion

✓ Learn Parelli Patterns and how they can solve most horse problems

✓ Practice the proper leg and rein positions to get what you’re looking for in the quietest way

✓ Get a solid start on freestyle riding

✓ Make astonishing progress with your horse

3-day Intensive Clinic = $575

Must have attended a Level 1 Clinic with any horse before riding in the Level 2 clinic.

REGISTER FOR THE LEVEL TWO CLINIC:  Call or text Darcy at 701-720-0995

LEVEL TWO PLUS PARELLI CLINIC | September18, 19 and 20   2023


✓ Put tasks from the 12′ line to the test on the 22′ and 45′ lines

✓ Gain more insight and strategy in the horsenaltiy and the seven games at the next level

✓ Move into tasks at liberty

✓ Improve movement while riding with new patterns

✓ Practice sideways and spins, transitions and leg yields

✓ Challenge all of the patterns with carrot stick riding

✓ Master the skill of riding with an independent seat

3- Day Intensive = $575

REGISTER FOR THE LEVEL TWO PLUS CLINIC:  Call or text Darcy at 701-720-0995


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We can help with accommodations for your horse and for you! Contact Darcy at 701-720-0995.


What is an auditor? Auditors are observers! They participate in everything about the clinic except for the hands-on exercises with the horses. This is the best way to learn with minimal investment.

What do I bring?  Bring your questions!! Bring a lawn chair, lunch (unless you’re taking advantage of catered lunch at the Clinic – order that when you register) and a cooler for your drinks.  Feel free to bring your video cameras and paper to take notes! We recommend sunscreen too!

How long are the days? The riders begin at 9am CST and we generally go until 6pm CST or until we’re done playing!

Is there shade? We will be able to accommodate any weather combination that Mother Nature decides to give us! Plan for sun, but if we need to move into the indoor arena, we’ll do that.