Riding Lessons

“Everything I need to know, I learned from my horse.”

A few years ago, ( 31 to be exact) I started teaching my daughter the fundamentals of horsemanship. I wasn’t an expert – I was just a mother with years of riding experience and I needed an excuse to go see the horses. She and I learned together you could say. We trained, rode and learned from more than twenty horses from the soft and gentle to the ornery.
I’m a teacher-at-heart with plenty of gentle horses to help teach you everything you’ll ever need to know.
I follow a teaching plan covering everything from horse anatomy to horse care and proper riding techniques because it is all important. Weekly riding/horsemanship sessions are 90 minutes long. Spring, summer, and fall sessions are available **LIMITED WINTER SESSIONS AVAILABLE for November 2016-Febrary 2017***

All skill levels are welcome.
Interested in more information? Please contact me, Darcy, at 701-595-0193 or at sandstrom @ srt.com